When harmony
is a form
of excellence!

The new amazing Sardinian flavoured dessert

Myrtle, an ancient fruit of a unique, unforgettable island!

Myrtle is an ancient ingredient with a unique flavour. 

It grows wild around the Mediterranean area and it is typical of Sardinia. Among the many benefits, Myrtle presents anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties.


The berries and leaves of this wild plant, with their unique fragrance, are used 

to give a distinctive flavour to many 

Sardinian dishes and are the key ingredient in the traditional myrtle liqueur. 

As the main ingredients in creating this new dessert, the secret was to get the best way in processing the myrtle berries and lieves to extract the maximum freshness and delicacy,

Get tempted by a surprising symphony of aromas and flavours!

Dolcemirto is a Made-in-Italy dessert.

It perfectly blends moist and fluffy myrtle sponge cake with fresh and delicate violet mousse, which gets its colour naturally from the typical Sardinian berries.

It took seven years of study and continuous efforts

in balancing ingredients, in order to create t his harmonious recipe, 

which will give you one of the best flavours Sardinia has to offer.

Dolcemirto is perfect as a dessert,

as well as a snack at any time. 

Completely without alcohol

it is also ideal for children.

Enjoy it in parties, cocktails and 

events, also in the mignon size.

My passion in researching new flavours made the alchemy

My name is Mariuccia Spanedda and I am an entrepreneur, restaurateur and coach. I’ve been in restaurant business since 1980 and I’ve attended the best cooking schools at the local and international levels.

I love Sardinia and its traditions, together with its wealth of genuine natural and gastronomic resources, treasures that should be appreciated and enjoyed worldwide.

Wishing to pay homage to my home island with a unique delicious product, I decided to create a dessert with myrtle, one of its most famous ingredients.


The result is a real triumph of flavors and a fragrances and I really hope it will become something memorable for Sardinia.

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